Planned and Unplanned Emergencies
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    The reason that nothing has been posted in this section for a while is that I've been busy!  Not a very good excuse I know, but I have been doing a lot a teaching and a lot of flying.  This site was something to do whilst on standbys in hotels, but since I started it I havn't had any! - just minimum rest and long days!  Such is the life of a bizjet pilot!

    What's New?

    I have added to quite a few of the equipment sections in the side bar.  There is a photo (not brilliant as it was taken on a cameraphone) under 'Fire Extinguishers' of a HALON extinguisher in use.  I could not find one at all on the web, so that's why we took one ourselves.  It clearly shows the stream of gas from the extinguisher, and the distance you should be away from the fire.

    The 'Emergency Locator Transmitter' section shows the Falcon ELT.  It's easy to access the ELT on larger bizjets but trying to get photos of the ELTs on a Hawker or Cessna is a little more problematic.  I will have to wait to go to a maintenance base before I get those.  The section also gives links to how the COSPAS SARSAT system works - basically how your ELT will save your life.

    'Emergency Evacuation' and 'Fire Fighting' are now populated (check the left side bar).  I have also added posts to 'Fire axes', 'Protective Breathing Equipment', 'Torches' and 'First Aid Kits'.

    Please take a look and email me to let me know what you think.

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