Planned and Unplanned Emergencies
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    Welcome to a site dedicated to Aviation Professionals!

    This site detail the types of, and how to use the safety equipment generally found on board Business Aviation aircraft (Bizjets!).  As an instructor in 'Safety Equipment and Emergency Procedures' I have spent many hours trawling the net to find information and pictures on the various bits of equipment I teach about, but mostly to no avail!

    There is no one location where all the information is to hand, which is why I have founded this site - it is basically a place to store all the information I come across in my research, and also allow fellow aviation professionals access to it at the same time.

    If you have done your own searches, you will find few accessible pictures and videos of safety equipment to be found on the web, and I hope to amend this by posting some of the pictures of the equipment that I have taken, and making them available as Training Resources to other flight crew members and instructors.

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