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    Flying Again!

    After my last post, and spending the day in Basel relaxing in the hotel, I did get called to perform a couple of flights!  Firstly, we ferried to Geneva but we were late off because the refuellers seemed to be suffering from 'weekend-itus', which meant that it took an age for them to arrive and even longer before they worked out how we could pay for the fuel!  Still, we eventually got off and climbed above the low cloud that seemed to be covering the country.  It was good to see blue again after a few days under the gloomy skies.  We broke cloud at about 500 feet on the approach to Geneva, and a leisurely turnround saw us enroute to Paris with passengers.  It was the easterly approach into a CAVOK Paris Le Bourget, at night, so we had a great view of 'Paris by night' as we flew at relatively low level past the Eiffel Tower.  My first night landing in a long time was very smooth, which is very unlike me so something must have gone wrong!  That's it for this tour - I have my airline home already booked!  Next tour in a week, and judging by the way the temperature is starting to drop over Europe, real winter operations will be starting soon!

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