Tel Aviv
Sunday, November 11, 2012 at 12:05PM
David Williams

I managed to go flying again, although all I managed was 3 take offs and landings to keep myself current!  Its always the same though isn't it?  I hardly fly and when I do its at night to a strange airport!  Although this time the strange airport was Tel Aviv, and we got to spend 2 days in the hotel with the best toilet view I have evr seen!  After that, we managed a night in Eilat where a sudden rainstorm after landing almost washed the aircraft away and meant we were stuck on board for a couple of hours.  When the sun came out again we managed an evening on the beach and then left high temperatures for St Petersburg and below freezing!  I am writing this blog from the comfort of the Helsinki Finnair Lounge as I airline back home after a memerable jaunt!

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