Good Tour!
Saturday, June 23, 2012 at 11:35AM
David Williams

Well, the flying turned out to be great!  Although only 8 flights over the 6 days it turned out to be a very interesting tour.  I started in Oslo where we picked up the aircraft and flying to Malmo in Sweden.  From there we flew to Zurich and then onto Farnborough where we spent the night (big pizza in Zizzis - always nice!)  We then went on to Athens and then Tel Aviv for another night stop before returning to Athens the next day.  After that, the highlight of the trip was a landing in Baku, Azerbijan!  I had not been there before and it was a very interesting flight with a lovely low level approach over the city and coast.  We then ended the tour in Instanbul!  So, all in all a great trip away from the office and far from routine.  However, its back to the office now and all that goes with it!!

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