Planned and Unplanned Emergencies
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    Fire Axes

    Assuming your bizjet exceeds 5700 kgs in its maximum take-off mass, then it must at least one crash axe or crowbar must be located on the flight deck (according to EU Ops 1.795). 


    Lets get one thing clear from the outset; the fire axe is a piece of safety equipment.  It is not any of the following; can opener, prop, snow shovel, weapon, shredder etc. It should be treated with care, as when you come to use it you will need all the features it offers.

    It is used in fire fighting, not in rescue. It would take a very long time to cut a hole in the side of a fuselage using the fire axe!  It is used to help you to find the fire.  If you see smoke and cannot ascertain its origin, you need to search for the source.  Remember, you fight fire not smoke!  Use the back of your hand locate a hot spot which should indicate where the fire is.  When you have found it you need to get at the fire, and that’s where the fire axe comes in handy.   If the source is behind a panel or structure, the fire axe can be used to make an opening large enough to be able to direct the fire extinguisher in to.  You don’t have to worry about electrocution because the handle of the fire axe is insulated to 1500 volts.  However, try to ensure that any nearby electrics are isolated first, so the pilot in the cockpit isn’t surprised when the cockpit suddenly goes black!

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