Planned and Unplanned Emergencies
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    Life Raft Survival Equipment

     If you have to ditch, rest assured that the equipment in your life raft will keep you alive until rescue.  The equipment available in the Wimslow Life Raft Survival Equipment Pack is as follows:

    The Katadyn Survivor 06 Watermaker 

    Arguably the most important peice of equipment in your survival pack, it makes drinking water from sea water.  By pressurizing seawater to 800psi, then forcing the water through a semipermeable membrane, this unit eliminates 98.4% of the water’s salt content.  It takes up less space, and weighs less than three pints of canned water, yet produces enough water to keep a person hydrated in one hour or six gallons daily—enough to hydrate up to 24 people indefinitely!


    Signalling Flares

    You have two types available.  The first type is the AERIAL FLARE and  is for when you want to attract attention - basically only fire these off if you know somebody is likely to see it.  The aerial flare in the Wimslow Life Raft is the Orion Skyblazer! The Skyblazer aerial flares are bright, safe, waterproof and float.  The flare can reach an altitude of up to 450 feet with an average burn time of just under 7 seconds.  It burns at a brightness of 16,000 candela.



    The other type of flare available is the SIGNALLING FLARE.  The ones available in the Wimslow Life Raft are the Orion Red Handheld Signal flares, for day and night use.  The flares burn for up 3 minutes duration each, at up to 700 candela.

    You have some other signalling devices, so there are plenty of options to use in order to be seen by rescuers.  These are:

    Signalling Paddles

    The paddles have a dual function; they can be used to propel the life raft, and they have a reflective side that can be used to attract attention.

    Signalling Mirror

    A very effective piece of equipment (when the sun is out).  Used properly it is an extremely good way of attracting attention. Instructions on its use are attached to it.

    Strobe Light

    The strobe Lamp is a high intensity xenon strobe visible from 1-2mi (1.6 to 3.2km) although the range may increase dependent upon altitude and atmospheric conditions. Designed to be a ‘continuous’ electronic flare, it will last for a minimum of 8 h at -1°C. It is also waterproof up to 33ft (10m)

     Emergency Torch

    Although it is likely to be used as a torch, it can also be used as a signalling device.

    The emergency torch in the Wimslow Life Raft is the Pelican MityLite Flashlight.  It has a focused Xenon modified spot that produces a tight white beam that penetrates smoke and fog.  The polymer resin body is resistant to chemicals, water and corrosion.  Its tested Lumen value is 8.0, tested Lux value 1,200 and its battery time is 4 hrs.

     Life Raft Knives

    Yes, even with all that soft rubber surrouding you, you do get some knives in the life raft.  The first you will use is a safety knife, to cut the line that is tethering you to your sinking aircraft. The knife is a 'J' knife with a safety blade so you will only cut the tethering line and not the life raft.

      The second type of knife is the utility knife, the SS Lockback. Again, it has a safety blade to try and prevent punctures in the life raft.

    A little limited in its use but you will be able to cut with it and prepare any food caught.